The Ultimate in Patio Umbrellas

We are distributors of Heatray products for outdoor heating and Koolfog products for outdoor cooling. If you have an existing patio or plan to construct one, we offer solutions for the following questions:

How can you protect your customers from the sun, wind, precipitation, and excessive cold or heat so they will remain on your patio?

How can you maximize your patio seating capacity?

How can you eliminate the expense of regularly replacing conventional umbrellas and propane tanks?

How can you minimize energy costs, avoid pollution and fire hazards?

Outdoor Patio Solutions was started by Dennis and Sandra George in 2006 for the sole purpose of distributing Celmec International’s unique umbrellas and electric radiant heat panels for both commercial and residential use. Celmec products are the highest quality available.

We don’t sell furniture or any other patio accessories. We provide solutions for protecting your outdoor patio areas from the sun, wind, precipitation, and temperature extremes.

Let Outdoor Patio Solutions take your ordinary patio and make it extraordinary.