Heat Panel Mounting

The mounting options for ERH panels are as follows;

a. Wall / Ceiling mounted
b. Ceiling suspended
c. Spoke mounted - HeatRay Umbrella

Wall/Ceiling Mounted

ERH wall mount brackets come in three sizes - 3” (80mm), 51/2” (140mm), 10” (250mm); the size refers to the length of the bracket arms:

Ceiling Suspended

Ceiling suspension has two hanging options; chain suspension or tube suspension. Standard
length of suspension tube or chain is 35”, however, each suspension can be tailored to
individual application by trimming the length on site or ordering specific length requirements.

Chain Suspension

Tube Suspension

Note: Should dimension “A” be less than 10”, tube suspension is not suitable. Use Chain or Ceiling / Wall Mount brackets.

Double Unit Tube Suspension

ERH Rain Shields

Any metal object continuously exposed to harsh elements, without protection, will suffer from some deterioration. Therefore, if ERH panels are to be installed in an uncovered outdoor area, such as a pergola, the panels will require rain shields.