Heatray Electric Radiant Heat Panels

Unlike conventional gas or electric heaters, which can be either too hot or too cold, Heatray ERH panels emit a comfortable energy level similar to the heat generated by the sun, without the harmful ultraviolet component. The system provides evenly distributed heat which warms people without heating the surrounding air.


These ERH panels can be installed indoors or outdoors. Several mounting options are available including wall/ceiling brackets, suspension tubes and chains, or recessed into a false ceiling cavity.


Control modules utilizing switch positions of off/low/high allow for zone controls of up to 4, 8, or 12 heaters. This allows ERH panels to be positioned off in areas where they are not required thus saving energy costs. Units take approximately 20 minutes to reach full operating temperature.

Advantages over Quartz Glowing Heaters

Heatray ERH panels do not glow. Heaters with red glowing electrical elements produce a harsh and intense heat in the spectrum of short wavelength infrared energy which is absorbed by the upper layers of the human skin. This in affect quickly dries out the skin, leading to local overheating. Further, glowing heaters are energy inefficient due to the fact any visible yellow-red light produced by them is never converted into desirable body heat. In addition, the uncontrolled red glow is irritating and changes the ambience of any architecturally designed lighting thus producing undesirable visual effects.

Advantages over Gas/Propane Heaters

Heatray ERH panels are more cost effective. They aim soft radiant energy in specific directions to warm people, not the surrounding air. They do not emit toxic by-products (see links). They do not present a fire hazard. They are quiet. They eliminate the risks of gas leakage. They eliminate the need to replace costly propane tanks, and routine heater maintenance.

ERH Panel Specifications

Electrical requirements: 1200 watts, 10 amps at 120Volts

Mounting: See our page on mounting options