Heatray Heated Umbrellas

Heatray heated umbrellas are the highest quality money can buy. They have been designed in Australia and are manufactured in co-operation between Celmec International and the Taiyo Membrane Corporation, most notable for such projects as the Millennium Dome (London), the Denver International Airport Terminal, the San Diego Convention Center, and Reliant Stadium (Houston, TX). Celmec International Pty. Ltd. (Australia) manufactures and distributes worldwide all the umbrella accessories.

Heatray Heated Umbrellas are different from conventional umbrellas for the following reasons:

Heatray umbrellas are designed to be permanently mounted. They do not require a table for support. For this reason you can utilize any style and size tables you wish, maximizing the use of available patio space.

With proper care, Heatray umbrellas are built to last many years even in a corrosive saltwater environment. Canopies are constructed with a coated PVC material that is UV and rot resistant with a life expectancy of 15+ years. When required, the fabric can be replaced with the umbrella in place. All hardware is marine grade stainless steel. Canopies are available in a variety of colors. Logos can also be added. All other metal is zinc and aluminum galvanized with two layers of powder coating to provide the best protection available.

A properly mounted Heatray umbrella has been certified to withstand a hurricane strength wind of 75 mph in the open position. They do not require repositioning every time there is a strong wind gust.

Heatray umbrellas are linkable allowing for large areas to be covered.

Heatray models CS32, CS38, and CTS43 incorporate a lever action system that allows them to fully collapse even with the heat panels and lights attached.

Heatray umbrellas are aesthetically pleasing day and night. No more leaning umbrellas.

Available umbrella accessories include: electric radiant heat panels, lighting and side covers. They can be added at any time.

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