Umbrella Accessories

Radiant Heat

Quiet, non polluting heat is provided by electric radiant heat panels mounted on the umbrella arms for optimal placement. Each umbrella has its own control module with off/low/high switch positions. When heat is not required, simply switch off the power thus saving energy costs. (see heat panels section for additional information)


Lighting is provided by a soft diffused fluorescent mounted on the umbrellas arms so to reflect off the canopy rather than shining directly onto people below. It eliminates casting shadows from the cables. It also creates an aesthetically appealing effect at night. ( see more information about lighting )

Side Covers

Transparent side covers with doors provide protection from wind and precipitation, yet allowing for adequate ventilation. They also enhance the performance of the electric heat panels. They attach to the umbrella utilizing a metal frame, eliminating the need for failure prone and difficult to operate zippers. When not in use they easily roll up for storage along the umbrella’s canopy. ( see more information about the side covers )

Koolfog Integrated Cooling System

High pressure filtered water is forced through brass and stainless steel atomization nozzles creating a curtain of mist that provides cooling through evaporation. Through natural “flash evaporation” the surrounding air is cooled as the water is turned to vapor, drastically reducing ambient temperature. What is the expected temperature drop? In hot and dry climates you may see a drop in outside temperatures by as much as 35 degrees. In more humid climates you may realize a 15-20 degree drop.